Permanent Make Up

If you’re interested in waking up looking glamorous, without needing to put on a bunch of makeup, you’ll find that our permanent makeup services are perfect for your needs. We offer permanent makeup services for 3-d lip, lip liner and eyeliner and we’re also able to apply eyelash extensions (mink or silk full sets are available!) if you want them.

Our services are reasonably-priced and they are provided by experienced technicians who know exactly how to deliver superlative results. Whether you want a “natural” permanent makeup look or something more dramatic, they’ll be able to deliver and they’ll take good care of you throughout the process, so that you’re as comfortable and happy as possible.

What we do?

• Eyebrows Hairs Stroke / Price: $380
• Lips 3D / Price: $420
• Eyeliner / Price: $200 o $250
• Touch Up / Price: $80 6 Month /Price : $100 1 Year/ Price : 200$