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Indulging in some occasional pampering is the key to looking as good as you feel. If you want the highest standard of spa service, for an affordable price, you’ll enjoy learning about Lovely Eyebrows & Spa. Our spa is located in Weston, Florida, USA and it’s a great place to unwind and to access exceptional spa services from licensed technicians.

Our popular and highly-rated spa offers all of the most coveted services in an environment which is immaculate, stylish and serene. Choose from a range of appealing services, including eyebrow grooming (via hair stroke technique), semi-permanent makeup, Treatments Anti Stains, Anti aging Treatments, Acne, Dermapen, HIFU, Extractions, Microdermoabrasion, Mask, Radiofrecuency, Hydration, Ultracavitation, Vacuum therapy, Lymphatic massage, Lips 3d, Lip liner, Eyeliner, Scalp, Wax Brow, Wax Lip, Wax Chin, Wax Brow tint and Wax Corporal

Many other spa/beauty services (from manicures to eyelash extensions) are available – please browse our website in order to find the service which is best for you.



Medical Aesthetic Services

•Botox (more…)

Permanent Make Up

If you’re interested in waking up looking glamorous, (more…)

Eyelashes Extensions

Lovely Eyebrow & Spa, provides professional (more…)

Wax & Brown tint

Waxing offers smoother, longer-lasting  (more…)


You’ll find that these pampering services  (more…)


Lisa Hobson-Celada

Permanent Make Up Artist


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